Me, Mia.

I’m Mia Black
August 11, 2008, 3:44 pm
Filed under: Just me mutterings

Because I’ve only just opened this and I’m not sick of it yet (it has only been about an hour) I’m going to write something else. I opened this thing because I’m so bored at work, and I often think up stupid little things and want to write them to people but I’m always worried they might think I’m weird. I’m not really, it seems, it seems there are a lot of weird people out there like me, which means on the whole, that we can’t all be weird, and weird must be normal. I’m finding a lot of comfort in the fact that I can write whatever I feel like and no one knows who I am. Mia Black is a psudonem, a word I can’t spell. I didn’t realise how cool the name was until I logged off and back on again and wordpress said ‘welcome back, Mia Black’ wiiiickeeed, love it. So, I have a pseudonem, how cool is that? I am now free to say what I want, when I want it (particularly when bored at work) and not have to censor any of my weird little ‘mia’ isms… (they’re really something else isms, but I’m not going to tell you my real name). If there is even a ‘you’ who is reading this.

So back to the point. How bored am I at work? I don’t know if I’m efficient, or I just have no work to do. Earlier today I decided it’s a very fine line. It seems my boss isn’t demanding anything of me, so either he’s given up, or thinks I’m still busy doing the very little he asks of me.. perhaps that’s another fine line.  So I get to work (I’m on a 12 week contract – how much I should say of my real life specifics? … have no idea if anyone I know would stumble upon this.. or if they did would it matter..) and I look at my to do list, or my to done list. And then I go on facebook, and then hotmail, back to facebook, make a coffee, have a brief chat to anyone who looks interesting… reply to emails, and most of the day google stuff that could take up time, and try to learn a thing or two. I spend a lot of time looking for jobs (I’m about to relocate) and looking up new careers (floristry was my last idea), or how to start a business etc.

I’m one of those people who have thousands of ideas running through my little head all the time – I’m the one others run business ideas past – but I bet a million bucks I’ll end up doing none of them – oh the power of positive thinking. A friend at work told me the other day I’m very reactive, I’ll react to something when an idea comes past, but as soon as the thrill of actually doing something new wears off, I’m bored and give it up.

So I’ve exhausted google. There’s nothing on it for me. Cuil’s the new thing, which I only like beacuse my name got more hits on that than on google. Try it… I’d like to work for google / or now cuil. I have this image in my head that they get to play all day – and despite me working in advertising, I don’t. I guess I could if I wanted to, considering I don’t do much else, there is a bean bag room here.

So this new little blog is cool, but I have to remember that I’m in my reactionary (is that a word?) state, and it probably won’t last for long. I hope it does though, I’m really enjoying being anonymous, and I’m getting huge kicks out of having a pseuuuuuudonem.

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