Me, Mia.

August 14, 2008, 4:04 pm
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I want to somehow use this little thing I thought up this morning that was really clever but I don’t know what kind of sentence I can put it in… it’s ‘credit, crunch’. I thought I could say ‘I’m lacking credit, crunch’ but when I put it on paper it didn’t have the same intelligent ring to it as when I was walking to work. Other things I thought about on the way to work this morning include: London is completely being re-constructed & how funny it was that even though someone in a shop is frantically busy with a huge customer que, they will still stop and answer the ringing phone. I’m thinking about standing outside shops at their busy periods and phoning them asking stupid questions… now what stupid questions could I ask… ‘How many people are in the que?’ ‘Why did you answer the phone?’ No, that last one is NOT a stupid question.

So then I got to work, all hot and bothered because I thought today was the agency all meeting at 9am – which it wasn’t. Then I settle down to a nice cup of coffee and fuck all to do. So I looked up how to poach an egg properly – you know the nice eggs you get when you eat out for breakfast and they’re not all flat, but in a cute little bundle .. and when poked with a fork the yolk beautifully spills out all over the buttered toast… mmmmmm I found out how to do it as well… This guy, Matt, has is sussed he also wrote back a lot to people that had written comments on his blog. Then I got a little upset because noones made any comments on my blog. Is it because it’s not very interesting? Or maybe no-ones seen it yet… Undiscovered.

I can’t remember any more of my interesting thoughts today. My friend asked me to think of a name for a website he’s considering starting that is a travellers network – what you do is log on, find people who are travelling in the same area at the same time, and maybe hook up and go on a road trip. I thought travellers unite was a good one.

Righto… 25 minutes to go, can’t wait to go shopping, All Saints has some wicked stuff at the moment. Good luck poaching eggs if that’s what you’re up to tonight.

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