Me, Mia.

Gay Lyrics
August 14, 2008, 4:15 pm
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My friend said Angels and Airwaves had gay lyrics, I said I could write gay’er lyrics – I think I proved him right

Oh yeah… yeah yeah yeah
I got 20 minites to go man,
Yeah 20 minutes to go
I got a one way ticket on the train to go home
I got 20 minutes, to go


 I see you sitting at your computer
Looking about as bored as me
Well you aint coz you can’t be coz I’m so bored I’m drinking tea


I’m drinking tea yea yea yeah yeah yeah
I’m drinking teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeah
I’m drinking a cup of almost cold tea
Anywhere else I’d rather beeeeeeeeeeeeee


And if you wanna know something
Yeah something really strange
The teas got little floaty bits, yeah
Somethings gotta change


I don’t even like tea I’ve just got nothing to do
Nothing and noone to do, oh yeaaaaaa
I got a big fat cup of cold crap tea
And I’m not gonna give it up, no


Coz it’s the best thing I got going
The best thing of the day
The day I spent doing nothing
But drinking tea, I say!



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